My Editing Style

Simple, Classic, and Minimal

Although I've been known to fuss over the smallest imperfections in my work, I pride myself on getting the shot right in-camera. That means minimal work 'photoshopping' in post-production - I'm happy to stay an extra 10 minutes to wait for the crowds to thin or the wind to die down a little to get that coveted money-shot! I believe that going all-naturalé is the best way to represent and I will be true to that. 

While I discourage severe post-production, I do enhance all my images  and shoot everything in .RAW so I can boost shadows and do as much color correction as necessary! I happily remove flyaways to a certain extent and will remove pesky pedestrians when possible!

I don't blowout my contrasts nor do I make things look unnatural by replacing or changing the composition of photos - if you want that, I urge you to find another photographer.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge